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Hi my name is Grant. I recently had the pleasure of having my tax return lodged by Alex Taylor from “Entiretax”. For years I struggled through by myself lodging my own Tax return and I decided that this year I was going to pay someone to relieve me of the frustration. I can tell you now I’m so glad I made this choice and that I chose Alex to help assist me. With Alex’s honesty, integrity and comprehensive knowledge of the Australian Tax system he was able to educate me of things I could do to maximise my Tax return. I learned about things in relation to investment properties that could be done to maximise my claim that I didn’t even know existed before speaking with Alex. Alex is extremely professional and time efficient and he had the whole job done in no time. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for Alex as he went the extra mile to eliminate the stress out of it completely. All I had to do was gather the documentation together that he requested and hand it over for him to take care of the rest. An added bonus was Alex’s trustworthy character and reputation that preceded him allowed me to rest easy knowing everything was going to be done the right way. The end result for me was a nice return that far outweighed any fee that I paid to Alex for his help. I’ll definitely be speaking with Alex again for his assistance with my next Tax return.


What a relief to have someone as skilled and knowledgable as Alex Taylor to complete my tax return. With the complexities of owning assets and the sorting of documentation that is required I was grateful for someone to not only sort it out and additionally make recommendations for claims I hadn’t thought or knew existed as an option for submission. I finally received a substantial return! With his years of experience in submissions regarding assets, property and business tax, you can’t go wrong with Alex Taylor as your accountant and the peace of mind it brings to be represented by someone with excellent business ethics and an honourable reputation both personally and professionally.


My husband and I transferred our business to Alex because we felt we weren’t getting a personal service with our previous accounting firm. We were very happy with Alex and we’ve just booked him to do our next tax returns. He is friendly and personable but also professional and thorough. We’re confident we’re getting the best returns and service possible. If you’re looking for an accountant who will work for you and with you, I recommend Alex Taylor.

Jodie & Peter